Unknown Facts About Cats

There are a number of unknown facts about cats, but some may surprise you. Cats are an exquisite species of the feline community. They are beautiful as well as mysterious. There are many facts about cats that the world is unaware of. This article will give you a glimpse of a few facts. For more details on the fantastic felines, you can also check out Animalda.

Extra cerebral cortex neurons

One of these is that cats have two times as many cerebral cortex neurons as dogs. A cat’s brain contains more than 200 billion cells, and it uses these neurons to find its home.

No sound

In addition, cats make no sound when walking or running. Unlike dogs, cats have thick, soft pads on their paws, which help them balance when walking.

Extraordinary taste and hearing sense

Cats also have an extra organ in their stomach to taste different scents. They also have a mouth that is more sensitive than ours, and they can hear the sound of a human voice while meowing. This is the reason why their meows are so unique. Compared to dogs, cats can hear sounds and smells more clearly than humans can. As a result, they can hear sounds that are nearly 100 times more intense than those of their human counterparts.

Everywhere except Antarctica

Egyptians first bred cats as pets and considered them powerful creatures. Today, they are common around the world, with the exception of Antarctica.

Climb trees

Cats can’t go down a tree head-first. Their claws face the opposite way, so they must go down the tree backward to avoid getting hurt. Besides having an extra organ, cats are capable of jumping very high.


A cat’s tongue is shaped like a football and is able to detect smells. The tongue is similar to a human’s. A cat’s brain is also more intelligent than a dog’s. The brain is a complex system. While dogs and humans are the primary sources of information about cats, they are also important sources of entertainment for cats. You can’t blame them. They can help us keep ourselves happy and safe.

Secretive and manipulative

Cats have a lot of secrets. While dogs are known for their cuteness, cats can also be very clever. They don’t need a walk outside. And they have an uncanny ability to listen to human voices. They can also hear the sounds of birds. They don’t only use their meow to communicate but sometimes to manipulate humans.